Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Uber bright yellow, currently on ebay but will contact seller, can collect on trailer and possibly deliver short distances. Only a 1300 but looks to be well sorted apart from fixtures and fittings and interior. Inherited project so maybe willing to negotiate with genuine purchaser. 

Currently on £300 reserve not met so get in quick and make him an offer before a breaker gets wind of it.

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I have been to see the car and most of the bits are there. It does need re-assembly. Bodywork is in better than average condition structurally, couldn't find any serious fractures although the paint is thin in places, mainly the bonnet. Screen, frame, doors, roll hoop, roof support all present although I didn't see the soft top. Interior has been removed so thats a blank canvas. Steering column and wheel are in place. Its a 1300 crossflow with a nice four branch, carb is a larger than normal single downdraught that looks like new. Most of the mechanicals apparently had a full rebuild about nine years ago and has been in dry storage ever since. Its lower than the normal S3 agricultural posture, looks like a good place to start, all the bits needed to get it going again (except seats and carpets) 

The seller would like to let the auction run it's course, has been fully briefed on what could happen to it should it go to a breaker. As he inherited it he would rather this didn't happen and would really like to see it restored and in the hands of an enthusiast. Get your bids in.


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