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so last weekend I picked up my second Melos I had one me and my dad built for my first car, I am now 30 and I always missed it. So I picked up a body the chassis and nearly all the front suspension and a log book and that’s about it.

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So what are your ideas concerning running gear - do you have a particular engine and gearbox combo in mind?

I just had a better look at the photo.

You have a very late edition Melos. In addition to the mk2 front suspension  the rear is setup for a 5 link with coilovers rather than leaf springs. Your whole setup is very similar to my Legerra.


This is the original setup. note the misalingnment of the upper shock mount which may also be present on your chassis. I may have a spare axle casing from a mk1/2 escort available soon. Sadly no differential or half shafts although they may turn up as time goes by.

The idea is to use the the front suspension I have,so from what I can gather I have the modified early style lower arms that have coil overs to match so I will weld a mount lower down on the tower to take the coil over. Then I have bought a complete Mazda mx5 for a measly price of 500, I will use the complete engine gearbox and wiring loom, I am hoping to fit the complete rear subframe into the Dutton chassis.

Speak to Mark Whitfield on the facebook group, he's done that, did the fronts as well I think.

@ Daryl - I'm not sending anyone, anywhere, they haven't been already :)
Mark Whitfield isn't on here so faceache is the only way for Adam to get hold of him.

@Adam - might do with contacting Steve Kerswell on here too, bit further southwest than you but has an MX5 lump in a B Type along with various other bits.

since this site and the FB sites are not official dutton sites what does it matter....

And you wonder why there's nobody on here with an attitude like that. It may be a 'bit of banter' between you and Ade and you may both see it that way but that's not the way it reads to others. It puts people off as it comes across as bullying behaviour. If you have to wind each other up them perhaps it would be better if you did that via the direct message thing.

So been a busy week picked up the donor car and got all the front suspension bolted up. Dose anyone know what size and thread bolts in need to fit the calipers mk1/mk2 escort.

So update time. Here is the donor car that's being sacrificed it's rustyer than it looks.

And the postman has been. With the wheels and tyres 

T1-R's, good choice in my opinion. The 14's on my leggy worked really well, just didn't fill the arches properly.



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