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Hello everyone, sorry for not contributing for a while – work has been all-consuming. Hope everyone is well.

I have a possibly stupid question, but which seatbelts fit the Melos? Do I need to look for anything in particular? They are three-point inertia reel standard jobbies.


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Standard in most Duttons is the four point inertia reel setup.

1 - base of the roll bar, this is the reel mounting point.

2 - top of the roll bar (shoulder runner) 

3 - floorpan to the side of the drivers seat.

4 - floorpan behind drivers seat near tunnel.

This is best suited to an inertia reel with a fixed stalk on position 4 similar to a ford capri.

Aftermarket replacements are available from various manufacturers but Securon do a good range of fitting types and also belt colours (for the fashion conscious)

This setup applies to Melos, Phaeton 3/4, Legerra and Sierra as standard.

All the above will need new mounting points if the double shoulder strap type racing harness are used.

Ah yes, four! Forgot it needed clipping in. Thanks for the help Adrian.

I can find a wholesaler for those if you need to replace yours, I do try to help people keep the costs down where I can.
Failing that if you need part numbers etc I can source those.

I need new ones for one of mine as it's interior is changing colour to brown so i'm going with 'beige / gold belts.

The old black ones have been well used but will cross over the garage into another Dutton project.


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