Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

MOT time
Going in now wish me luck !

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me to soon.....? best of luck.

Rear shock and front headlight
Now to find out what rear shock and spring I've got and then find replacements

If your car uses leaf springs then you have standard escort shocks. These have either an eyelet fitting or a bolt through fitting. Both types should be available on ebay or via a motor factors.

Alternatively, if your rear end is five linked, you will need to speak to a company such as Dampertech (recommended) or Spax.

Standard fitting was bike or imp shocks and springs. If the spring isnt damaged then Dampertech will make shocks to your spec.

Its my old car Adrian and its five link set up are the shocks leaking now ?.

Yes leaking pretty bad
Going to take them off tomorrow and have a look

Make sure they are defo leaking because I use to spray the top and bottom of the spring to stop them squeaking in dry weather they use to piss me off squeaking.

Your right Paul there not leaking
Cleaned it up now
Take it back next week
Will need to replace them over the winter anyway, all four corners are the same shock and spring almost sure there imp

Kinda look like this?


Yep that looks like them

I think they are imp too. If someone knows different let me know as i'm going to try and track some down...

I thought I had imp ones on my B+, but they have a pin top fastening not an eye fastening, but I could be wrong. I still have them here in good condition, I've gone dampertech all round. I'm having trouble with this site today, very hit and miss, will try to post a picture of mine, soon.

They're not Imp. Imp have a pin mounting at the top, If the springs are 1.7" I/D then they're motorcycle monoshock, as mine were originally, later ones came from all over the place. Gaz should be able to match with adjustables if you want to go that way.


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