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Hi folks just a quick introduction of myself and my car. My name is Jay I live in sunny scotland I'm 40 years old, and a member of the dutton owners club, I am a regular of the stoneleigh kit car show, have a 1970 dutton Sierra that I am rebuilding. Ive known the car since around 2010 and had the pleasure of owning her in march of last year. Since then it's basically been a scramble for as many parts as possible, I've going to upload some pictures of my cars progress so far. And as I go I will ad more picks. Thanks for taking the time to read my post people

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Hi Jay.

The best way to put photo's on here is to host them on flickr. If you don't have a flickr account and need a hand setting one up I'll be happy to guide you through it and also point you in the right direction as to how to post them.. 


If you need parts just shout, I own a motor factors and am happy to provide parts, part numbers or prices for most things that we can still get. I own a Sierra II so am familiar with the car and it's little quirks. I also know your car from when Mike owned it although at the time it was a garden ornament.

Lol she not an ornament anymore ma man. She looking better than new. The more i work on the car the more i like it great to know about the motor factors as well. 

Hopefully you can see my picks this time

If you want to add photo's into a text conversation like this one use the second button from the left, if you hover over it it will say IMAGE.

This opens a dialogue box that looks like this.

click 'choose file' if you want to browse your computer for a picture to upload. If its a large file it will automatically set the largest width to 751 pixels. wait for the dialogue box to show the picture details then just click OK. 

Since we are short of storage space on our server I would suggest remote hosting such as flickr and using the 'from a url' option.

I don't use a computer. I do everything with my mobile. I'm completely computer illiterate. Mechanically I can do almost anything but when it comes to computers my Xbox is as far as I go lol. I'll need to get someone to set up a wee build thread for me lol .

You can upload directly from your mobile to flickr and there is an option to share this account with flickr allowing photo's to be shown on both ( I think thats how it works, I'll have a look into the options on that)

if you tell your mobile to use the desktop version of the site it will let you upload pictures direct your phone gallery. 

We have used 15Gb of our 1Gb storage limit for media...yup, we are using 15 x more space than we should be. Please try to keep photo's hosted on this site to a minimum.


Yup, noted and still moving them off onto flickr takes ages to re-write the links.

A picture paints a 1000 words Mr 3500 discussions 



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