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Hi folks just a quick introduction of myself and my car. My name is Jay I live in sunny scotland I'm 40 years old, and a member of the dutton owners club, I am a regular of the stoneleigh kit car show, have a 1970 dutton Sierra that I am rebuilding. Ive known the car since around 2010 and had the pleasure of owning her in march of last year. Since then it's basically been a scramble for as many parts as possible, I've going to upload some pictures of my cars progress so far. And as I go I will ad more picks. Thanks for taking the time to read my post people

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needs a wider shot taken lower down to get the full effect. not bad though. 

I'll take a lower shot next weekend after the suspension work is done mate. And the stripe work is painted on she will look different again then. I need to get my finger out and hurry up and finish her lol. 

That is looking good. I like the wheels with it, they are a bit different and they have a clean, fresh look to them which goes well with the bodywork colour.

I don't normally like those wheels and I would normally prefer the Wellers, but not in this case.

Thanks James looks like they are keepers then. I'm not a fan of the Weller's. On the Sierra's look good on a phaeton. And a leggera I'm not a fan on my car.

bloody good painting that 

That the whole cabin carpeted out. Well pleased for a first attempt it's not the best pick but you get the idea people...and that back bumpers not staying it was trial fit time at midnight last night...the determination to get this wee car to stoneleigh is overwhelming..

mine just after finishing. its a bit dirty now though. used everyday for work. also blinds to keep the scrotes eyes off my tools 

Not as tidy as yours but defo better mate

mine was a right skip lol 


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