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Hi folks just a quick introduction of myself and my car. My name is Jay I live in sunny scotland I'm 40 years old, and a member of the dutton owners club, I am a regular of the stoneleigh kit car show, have a 1970 dutton Sierra that I am rebuilding. Ive known the car since around 2010 and had the pleasure of owning her in march of last year. Since then it's basically been a scramble for as many parts as possible, I've going to upload some pictures of my cars progress so far. And as I go I will ad more picks. Thanks for taking the time to read my post people

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Cheers man 

fit it, fit it, fit it.........

Looks good. it'll be interesting to compare with an original. I think it's an improvement.

It's strange to see one so low but it looks good.

Different mate 

Well I've spent all afternoon welding brackets for my bonnet pins and the new seat mouts for the chassis. Still got a load more welding to do tomorrow :'(. But I'm slowly getting there. I've got to be honest I'm loosing the will to live with the car at the minute but I will get there :'( :'( :'(

Looking goooooood. 

Cheers man yeah it's looking ok but it's not where I wanted it to be at this point. Man am I up against it now. The clock is not my friend at the minute lol

Never make plans or times etc. Nothing missed and nothing goes wrong then :) 

Del del del del del del del. 

lol :-) 

I like your thinking Darren but as I said the clock is against me lol. In my case the car will be ready for stoneleigh hopefully. But she is still going to need some fetling when I get home.


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