Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

MOT booked for Wednesday, new battery bought and fitted tonight, Daisy Dutton now starts on her own again no need for De-Fib from the RAV.

Bit of an earth problem with o/s driving spot, after I showed it the tools and used some swear words it now works again. 

Fingers crossed, then I can get the V10 off to the DVLA and claim historic Tax. 

Get a couple of runs under the belt before The Peak District Tour. 

Slight smile coming on...

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For now, Saving the big smile for Wednesday night i hope.

Job done She PASSED another MOT I have been on to DVLA to ask how to change the Taxation class to Historic, and was told that as new tax does not come into affect until 1st April that is the first date I can apply, you cannot do it in advance because it does not become law until the 1st.

Just my luck I am in Belgium from the 30th March for a week.

Well done Dave what did you have to do to it before the test? apart from just checking everything.

Cheers Martin, just a once over and a wash, dash polish. That's 10 out of 11 straight passes, only 1 with a cracked rear axle flexi brake hose about 3 passes ago. 

3 of the Duttoneers use this garage, and yes Daryl they are Kit Car friendly

Tell me some dates, Hoghton Tower is in June.

That's a stones throw from Martin Heap, and just a slightly bigger throw to Ade's

what is? Can I use my catapult?

Posted on the wrong thread, see Steve's Frannie Lee post


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