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I went to see a new doctor today. Fourteen doctors, nurses and technicians came out to see the Phaeton when one technician spotted it.. Damn this old girl is popular over here in Florida. Do you have the same response over there in the U.K.?

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No.... Kids laugh at the Sierra and just look puzzled at the Legerra. When we've been out on tour Steve's red S1 always gets looks though...

My Legerra usually gets admiring looks and compliments when I park outside shops etc. It can be a little tiresome when you are in a hurry but I always stop to chat to encourage interest. You have to practice the getting in and out so that you don't look like a decrepit old midlife-crisis case after you have impressed them with your story.

melosman. thats so funny. i know your pain.....cant stop laughing....made my day..:-)

my old phaeton used to attract a fair amount of attention especially from kids. also when driving on the continent (France, Holland Belgium etc) it got a lot of atention and folks would often have their photo taken alongside of it.

yup the melos gets loads of attention. ppl taking pics. women seem to love it. and kids scream at it lol. anoying how ppl seem to slow down in front of you looking at melos. and its nearly caused a few crashes. ppl looking at it instead of the road.

people are astonished when you tell them what its worth. they think its worth much more.

lol o shut up you know THE MELOS. is the best car dutton ever produced...ooooo

I would love to also have a Melos over here but I believe that they are totally nonexistent in the states.


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