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Prop rebuilt, New oil seals fitted, chassis cleaned and painted along with all the underbody. Just need some ep90 tomorrow and she's back on the floor and ready for a new year of Duttoneering.

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ep80w/90 Dave, the full mineral jacket? want some slick 50 or molyslip to add to the mix?

Thanks Ade, But 160 mile round trip is a little over top to pick it up. Halfords Penrith in the morning, after the autojumble.

I could post the molyslip :)

Ade went to the Penrith autojumble, picked up a 5 litre tub of EP80 for £10. You could have made a killing there with a van full of parts and tools £10 a pitch any size.

The problem is what to take, may have to re-use some flappy storage boxes and come along next time.


bulbs, tools, old oil filters, pads disc, Haynes manuals etc


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