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Hi guys I'm looking to replace all the front suspension bushes on my S3.....is there a set available anywhere or do I go with a set for the escort mk2 and go from there?

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Talk to Adrian Southgate on here, he can order them for you.

Is it spitfire top wishbones?

Hi Neville. I deal with APM Duraflex and can put a set together for you. Need to know the diameter of the anti roll bar for the front bushes and the type of front suspension (if it used the Dutton upper wishbones) You can also deal with APM Duraflex direct if you wish and I'll get you the part numbers for the wishbone bushes.

Thanks guys.

Adrian I'm more than happy to buy these from you, just let me know the price and how to pay.

The roll bar diameter is 20mm and it does have the Dutton upper wishbones.

Will the set include steering rack mounts?

What colour would you like Neville, primaries and black really, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple...?

I'll pm you with delivery times and prices.

4 upper wishbone bushes, 2 inner TCA bushes, 2 outer TCA bushes, 2 20mm ARB bushes, a pair of steering rack bushes and 4 shock bushes all with stainless inserts?

Hi Adrian....I think I'd like yellow....it will go with the car

I'll have a look tomorrow but may even have a yellow set in the unit, not 100% as I may have used some. It will save waiting for the new batch. If not I will contact Mark at APM. As soon as I get a price i'll let you know.

Ok thanks Adrian


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