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It appears that my rear spring bushings are shot. What size are they and do you think I can find them over here in Florida?

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You should be able to find those Jim but you will need to know the size. They are just bobbin style bushes. Someone else may know the size but they should be commonly available in rubber and / or polyurethane.

They should be Hillman imp front shockers.

Hillman imp shockers

They are pricey........but you might be better getting some new ones locally.

You only need the bushes though don't you Jim?

Yep Adrian, All I need is the bushings.

I bought a kit of bushes and fixings for the front of a Triumph Spitfire, some of which fitted the rear on my Dutton

I get my poly bushes from Duraflex APM. they are all made to order so there can be some delay in getting a full kit made in a specific colour. I am waiting on the rear axle / spring pads which go on all the escort based cars.

Jim should be able to source a part from a supplier in the states that will fit those shocks as they will be imperial fittings.

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How is that poor Daryl?
Maybe I'm biased but I have had no issues and the bushes I've had are as good or better than floflex, better range and better choice of densities.

Thanks for the information guys. I found a lot of these on ebay over here but which ones do you think will fit on my old girl? http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570....

I'm sure they are 1" imperial. Most older shocks had a pretty standard size eye so the bushes should be easy to source. 

The only imperial bushings that I can find over here are for a Chrysler Imperial. What car are those for?

look for MGB or Triumph stuff, must be thousands in the states, or pay for Adrian to send a couple over :-)


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