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Having had the car since 2013 when it came with a current MOT, I have replaced and rebuilt the entire braking system, sorted electrics, refurbished carburettor. New tyres etc. She has sailed through each of the 4 subsequent MOTs without comment or hitch, and then this!    'log book registration' says Ford Cortina mk1 convertible and so now they will not test her. Obviously until now I simply thought that was registered correctly because it had a current MOT and continued to do so until now. I have no information about the car before 2013 and so do not know anything about the PHAETON 3 that she is now or how she came to be on the road legally when I bought her if the registration document is not correct. Does anybody know if there is anything can be done to re-register or correct the existing one if I have no paperwork on either the Dutton or the Cortina. If anyone knows how I go about getting this sorted I would appreciate the advise, the last thing I want is to have to scrap her.

Jack Findon

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Hi Jack.

Number 1 - don't panic.

Number 2 - please make electronic copies (either photo's or scans (pdf is best)) of ALL the documentation that you do have.

Number 3 - make notes on where you had the last few MOT's done. I may need to get the DVLA to call the MOT centre for verification regarding what vehicle they tested.

What we have to do is provide evidence of previous use as a Dutton kit car, photo's, MOT records, tax discs etc. I have a contact in kits and rebuilds who may be able to help fix your problem. There was an amnesty 20 years ago for incorrectly registered kits and although this has long expired it can still be used as leverage to get one 'sorted'

Don't enter into any further communication with the DVLA for the moment as this has to be carefully phrased to avoid certain trigger words. (rebuild is a VERY bad word, restore is much better) 

I'll be in touch by PM with my phone number etc so you can give me a call.


PS - did I mention DON'T PANIC :)

thank you, thanks  so much. I will set to in the morning to put everything I have together. She was my retirement project and has provided the best of the therapy for a lost marine engineer. A solid car good frame and very weel  maintained so I do need to save her. 

Thanks Adrian, you are the light at the end of the tunnel. If I send you everything to here is that okay?

regards Jack


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