Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

well after the worst joruney of my life in a car. i have officially renamed the sierra to DEATH TRAP. water in foot wells leaking like a sieve from everyware . mist on screen you cant wipe off quick enough . wipers that cant keep up with rain.  consider myself lucky to be alive. what a piece of S**T :-(

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Glad you like it so much dont you just love a kit car in winter. NOT

NOT NOT NOT. wants braking for parts and putting on e bay. may save a life 

lol how come some posts arnt appearing ???

Could have told you that. We moved ours on after 18 month build, first time I drove it up the street I realised it was an horrible thing and dangerous.

Flog it to Mark Blackmore, he needs something that doesnt matter if it gets wet inside!!!

steady on there Graham, you will get Daryl all hot n bothered!

Now you understand why so many people believe Duttons are 'thomas the tank' !

ill tell you what . i hope mr duttons boat/cars dont leak as much. :-)


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