Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Picked up 2x Surefire 3000 electronic ignition units last year in a junk yard, they were with a counter display, along with a 12 volt high spark coil. The display had a motor inside which simulated the ignition working.
The ignition units didn't work, but it was worth what I paid for it all just for the coil.

I took photos of the Surefire's and sent them to our company electronics dept. They said the circuit is simply an amplifier circuit, and they could sort them.
So took them with me to Belgium last month, and they repaired them both with modern parts.

Got round to fitting one today, seems to work well. It has a 3 way switch on top which allows you to switch back to standard ignition, or immobilise the ignition. There is also a static timing light on the unit.
I was going to give it a blast up the road, but it started bl**dy snowing, WTF! It's April.

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Seems like its been pants down south too, can't work it out i've been round the unit doing the head in a T shirt...

It's been sunny all day, just a bit cold this morning, luckily as soon as I had finished it snowed for about 10 minutes, sunny again now. But this is Cumbria where all seasons are available everyday.

lol Dave, Now in the low 80's here in Florida. Summer has already arrived. I haven't seen snow since I lived in Pennsylvania about 30 years ago.

Proves my point, USA as not ratified the Kyoto Agreement, so they have our weather.

lol global cooling dave :-)

That's why it is up to every Duttoneer to burn as much hydrocarbons as physically possible. Cumbria needs Sun.

Since the world started to clean the world, it's done nowt but rain.

Sod being PC, bring back coal fires, and cotton mills. 

I am entitled to moan, Officially old this week, I was 60 on Tuesday. So expect much more.

Cor I remember them! Good find MrT. It's been cold but sunny down here. Started on my tan already. Just been reading about an old lady and her three wheel Lomax kit car, done a 500 mile round trip in the Scottish Highlands, I fancy that, rough camping etc. One for the Northern brethren :-)

How come it's so cold with all this global warming, cracking morning but freezing, we don't do cold down here, 6c.

Sun's in the garage doorway now, bit better for working.


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