Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Any one else having a problem viewing pictures? they just appearing as an icon with thumb nail written underneath. 

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"No go fuck yourself"

THIS is just the sort of thing that is killing this site. It's not just the technical problems, which Ning's new owners have said they are trying to sort, but the often toxic atmosphere that seems to be present here so often these days. The way some members on here treat others is becoming more than unpleasant and totally unnecessary to the point of bordering on bullying. It was the same reason people migrated away from the other Dutton related sites. Where ever the Dutton community moves to, the same oppressive atmosphere seems to follow. It will end up the same if this community moves to proboards or Facebook or anywhere.

As for us contributing to upgrade the site - we went all through that a while back. As the site was created by and paid for by Tim Walker it seems only he is in a position to upgrade the site, IIRC no body could get in contact with him to arrange that. There is however no evidence that an upgrade would improve the sites current performance.

Perhaps its worth us all deleting a load of pictures to see if it makes any difference. I will have a go first.

45 deleted ....... got bored, takes ages as you have to open the picture up then delete it individually!!   will do more later. 

I have persevered and removed 1000 +


24 removed, will do some later.

12.56 GB (1256%) of 1 GB used

Its the long build threads with a bazillion pictures that have likely caused this. Ning networks aren't really that suitable for these 'blogs'. Perhaps ppl should have their 'blogs' separately, there are plenty of places such as wix or wordpress and then maybe link to them through here. Maybe posting pictures needs to be disabled.

IS the excess of the site allocation the cause of the poor site performance though?

I agree BV, and for that very reason I have been trying to contact Mr G to see if I can become a moderator on that site. That way we could get everyone to use it for their build threads.

Unfortunately like Tim Walker on this site, he seems to have disappeared of the face of the earth and no one seems to know him.  The other problem would be ..... at present there does not appear to be anyone who is rebuilding Duttons, is that just a lull in proceedings or has the poor old Dutton reached that point in history where they are just not going to be taken on anymore? 

I gave up posting updates and builds on here due to criticism. I have it all on file, it was going into Torque, but that seems to have faded as well, so back to Mr G.

That seems a bit tight....:-)

All my albums removed Too, but just checked and the photos are back Grrrr! Looks like other than deleting my membership there is no way of doing a bulk delete.

I noticed that too, presumably the albums are just a way of grouping pictures for viewing. According to the ning forum, you can only delete blocks of pictures in the higher end tariffs. 

The question now is, has it made any difference?  Lets have some feed back gents! 


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