Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

May be of interest to some of you, seeing as its very quiet on here.

Just been putting things in the loft for Christmas and came across some of my prized treasure from my wreck diving escapades.   From the Kronprinz Wilhelm, one of the German Battleships that were scuttled in Scapa Flow.

When I first got it off one of the boiler room bulk heads, the gauge was complete with the glass and needles, but some how during the way back out of the hull they were lost....... shame.


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They look to be in good nick despite being at the bottom of the ocean for nearly a century.

Took a lot of work to remove the crud.....

good bit of history Paul. I had to spend 6 months of my apprenticeship repairing and recalibrating gauges, you spent so long in each department of the Coppersmith shop. Awful, fiddly job. Still got the tools to "tweek" the bellow spring inside. Budenburg manometer, good make too, little turned wooden handles on the cocks. Excellent, thanks for sharing, took me back 45 years or so. 

I will take a picture of the inside of the gauge for you Steve. I was astounded how it cleaned up, even the little springs on the actuators (or what ever they are called) still work!  

my city and guilds final test piece, all beaten from flat sheet and soft solder joins, 3 weeks work @ 40hours a week. (I passed) I no longer have this?? it was a half size replica of a mark5 Royal Navy helmet. Funny how you remember these things, but cannot remember where the helmet went.

Thats lovely!!!    Skills that are no longer taught, such a shame.  

I dont think I could do it now ! Talking of diving have you been on the Scylla? There was much hype about it when they put it there, all quiet now.

Now Now Mr Heaseman, you know I didn't do warn Nancy Diving!!!!    Best visibility (which was crucial) was during the winter in Scapa with a water temp of about 4°  

No not done that Steve, was never into pretty diving, anyway that was laid down way after I hung my fins up, and was stripped of everything before they sunk it ;-)))))

Had a Nuclear Sub smoking, that caused a bit of stuff hitting a very large fan :-)

Trying to get the light in there so you can see the hair springs, how they didn't disintegrate is astounding, given that it went down in 1919.

Great Paul, I wont bore you all at how we used to make them little tubes inside. Or how to calibrate them. Probably Naval bronze Paul, hard as an whores heart. Think I'm off to explain the workings to the wife, should keep her interested :-))


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