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The Northern Duttoneers Spring Tour 2016 (Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor)

Well tour season is upon us again, the sun as arrived in the North, time to shake the leaves off.

This years spring tour for the Northern Duttoneers is planned, hotel booked cars MOT'd, we're off to North Wales and Anglesey. Leaving Bolton on the 9th April 2 days of scenic roads and valleys.

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We did the Western Lakes Last year, 2014 Derbyshire, 2013 North Yorkshire, 2011 North Wales

I drove 75% of this tour route last saturday and a few more small bits during this week. I've added quite a few roads to our 'to do' list after finding some that encouraged 'spirited' driving even in the mondeo. Not been told off yet though so not pushed it far enough. I have found one road that caused Sue to have white knuckles and tightly closed eyes and that was at 20mph too....

I went round 'that roundabout' today Dave... just getting in practice... by the way is your screen now laminated?

Yes it is, bullet proof

It's been freshly resurfaced so lets just avoid it...

Sue will also be adding some 'amendments' to the route as we have found some roads that are not suitable for low slung Phaetons...

Unfortunately, due to stripped splines on both front hubs, the Legerra will not be going to Wales 

I struggled on until midnight but without stripping down the front hubs completely it's scuppered.

I may feel better in the morning but right now I am one sulky f*ck*r. 

Quick burst with the Mig Ade, that should hold them 'til you get home. I presume its the wheel stud spline?

It's locked up in the shed... I'll sort it Monday. My fault as I was being a bit keen with the nut gun, didn't allow for the shoulder on the stud, wheel nut tightened on that before it gripped the spacer and the gun just spun the stud.

500 miles in 2 days.

Couple have mishaps on the way, the roof blew off on the M6 luckily 2 push studs at the rear held, so it didn't get lost. It did rip though. managed to repair it after a fashion, enough to keep the rain out while stood, but not suitable to run with. Saturday started dry , so not a problem, by the time we got into Cheshire the weather changed, time to get wet.

Don't you just love Duttoneering in the rain?

You been to Anglesey, visiting your off shore accounts like Mr Cameron??

All keep in a jar at the end of a rainbow Steve


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