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Hi all

MoT due, can't see the current blades getting through, suggestions as to easy replacements please,

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Mike, any local motor factors should be able to replace the blades as they are 10 or 12 inch standard clip ons. However the arm should not be in there, it should detatch at the top where the plastic and metal join. Sorry if im stating the obvious.

Thanks Adrian, looks like Eurocarparts sell a universal blade that should fit. I was surprised when the metal arm pulled out, we'll see how it goes back together.

*shudder* eurocraparts...

ANYWHERE else, even bl00dy Halfrauds....

silly question time - does the wiper arm clip on at the base or does it have a nut holding it on?

It's a clip Adrian. The complete wiper blade appears to be a universal type which allows adjustment for reach.

Eurocarparts are just another supplier. Convenient for me for collection but no expertise with interesting vehicles.


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