Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

This was a Phaeton S2 I saw during the London to Brighton. The standard of engineering and workmanship was superb.

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interesting......wouldn't do it that way myself.....

That's interesting. The two threads are not parallel to each other so there must be a bit of flexing when the screws are turned unless one end is floating.

I hope nobody on here did that. 

Why?  The engineering is top quality! 

I agree that it is a beautifully built car and loads of time and enthusiasm must have gone into it.  But the builder (not you I hope?) needs to learn a bit of geometry.

The wishbone is basically a triangle and if you alter even one part of it, you affect all of it and create a different triangle, so in this case any adjustment will distort the wishbone and also put the bushes out of line, potentially increasing stresses and wear.  It is only a small amount and the components will probably stand it, but it is bad practice.

To make it work properly, and also easier to adjust, it needs parallel threads and spherical joints.

Ok, I can see that. Presumably providing the amount of adjustment is small it should not adversely stress the bushes. 

No the above pictures are not of my one, I did start building a pair of top wishbones a few years ago, but never finished them, my ones are standard.   This is what I started ........

I just obtained these for my new project, low and very wide :-)

my Phaeton had something very similar.....not as pretty looking but it worked very well....

similar to Pauls..........

Why go to all that trouble. ? The Dutton chassis is designed the same as the triumph so you can fit camber shims behind the bottom wishbone mounting brackets-job done

Design and construction are two totally different things on a Dutton. On my one, with all the shims removed the camber angle is still not perfect, the top of the upright needs to move out, due to the top mounting brackets being too short and different lengths between each side. But as you know there is no means of achieving that as it is.  


Yours must have been built with a massive amount of negative camber if you need to move the top wishbone out. The more common complaint is there is not enough negative camber certainly on later cars. Whilst the wishbone in the picture has been nicely made the engineering/design is not all that, as JD has already pointed out.

And only on one side on mine BV.


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