Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

started so I have to finish as they say on mastermind 

As collected not looking tooooo bad 

Body is now off and panels stripped

running gear off

pass me another wire brush. I’ve worn out the last box of 6 

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Ohh my you've got your work cut out for you there..

I dunno to be honest. Lot less than the other dinosaur has been so far. 

One car at a time for me lad. I hate that swamped down feeling.

Yes I'm afraid so mate. I can't start my next one till this one's finished lol. If only she knew he he...

Never built a b type or a phaeton from the ground ground up but it's defo coming at some point. I need to find another dutton Sierra first I've got a plan for one a don't want to pull mine to bits again. 

Well if you want some practice feel free. Bring a wire brush though. Running out fast :)

Persisting it down today so getting spanner’s out on the xflow to see the plan 

Lazy day. Popped out to the garage for a smoke and thought while I’m here 5 mins I’ll whip manifold off this motor. 

15mins later :

Was already on floor and I left flywheel crank/can chain n flywheel on 

it’s only a few odd bolts. :)

I thought to myself I’m gonna catch a knuckle on the dizzy then did it anyway :/. Ffs. Got interview tomorrow. 

mx5 kit all gone on fleabay.

Crossflow now stripped waiting parts. 

All as standard and pretty clean motor. Never been apart by looks of it

couplenof coked up oil n scraper rings and it’s a runner to be honest so all good :)


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