Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

hello all its been a while sine i posted. well my leggera project is coming on slowly. the under body is finished. as is the engine bay. apart from new master cylinder. iv managed to sort out the crazy electrics, now everything is working. iv recovered some old dutton seats using the fabric and cushions from a Citroen c2 rear seats. . so i need to refit the interior. dash panels iv flocked. and then bits and bobs. then time for mot. then a respray .       

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Your 14+ photos look good, you are making good progress there Brian. The seats look really neat and the engine compartment and all of the underbody look really good. I wish I had your energy.

thankyou james . ano what you mean 

its been testing ....not much worse than the sierra to be honest . 

@ Brian: I think Daryl is just jealous because he hasn't got a Leggy anymore and he hasn't got a Melos either - I'm not sure if he has a Sierra even. Poor chap!

true james. to not have even one of the best two duttons must be awful . :-)

@Daryl: are you turning into a Dutton snob? Maybe rare Duttons are the new kit car elite. If so, then the Escort breakers will soon make the Legerras and Sierras rare too, given their current rate to converting South African Escort shells into genuine barn find RS2000's.

@ james :-)


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