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The Sierra has gone to a new home and that leaves me with some time to spare. As many of you know I have been offered a B type that is in bits. The owner has suffered major health issue since and is unable to help with the uplift and his wife is a bit frail too. The car is situated in a lock up that has a 90 degree narrow access. It hasn't moved for 25 years, however his wife assures me the rolling chassis is on its wheels on axle stands and the tyres are inflated ! Anyone near the M25 south willing to give an hour or so to help with this uplift? I believe the car is close to Caterham. Strange this should come about with all this talk of B types. Also I am open ended with the timing of this shift. A lunch time Saturday may be the best time slot but I am also thinking mid week. 

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35.3 miles from me but I'm expensive Mr K  -:))))))

Looking for some guidance on my MX5 electrics. What does what and why. Anyone know of an interesting book or download that could help.

Here you can find quite a lot of service manuals including circuit diagrams of all types and on the plus side: everything neatly sorted


so, I'm into all this wiring, NOT ! at least I'm sorting it, one wiggly wire at a time :-(

That'll go up in smoke then -:))

puff ! and it was gone :-)


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