Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

With the purchase of the new S3 the existing project is going to be broken up and sold off

i'm going to have lots of bits for sale all for Phaeton S1

New parts unfitted

New hood and some pretty good side screens

Front wheel bearing x2

Track rod end x2

Steering rack gaiters

Trunion repair kit x2

Top ball joint x 2

Front poly bushes with new bolts

Secondhand bits



All suspension bits, steering rack, column, axle, calipers

RS Turbo CVH engine

Type 9 gearbox

Revolution 4 spoke wheels  2x Triumph and 2 x Ford with some Yokohama tyres

Digital dash

Water and boost gauges

Probably loads more once i've had a sort out

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Hi, i need some stuff. most of all i need front bumper, front wheel berings (i hope that will fit to triumph), also i would like to see how these wheels look.

as i am rebuilding phaeton far from its home, lots of parts are rare here ;)

Its all triumph suspension and ball joints. Normal type 9 box not long input shaft. Stephen will send you a message.

what about front spoiler? and can you send me a photo with back of car? maybe i will take rear bumper too


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