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Have no fear, myself the s2 project nor the s1 are going anywhere but the s1 was collected on a low loader Tuesday for a trip to the rolling road specialist. Taking bets through on actually what the essex will be producing. 138bhp original but what has 34 years done to it. Hopefully have some impressive results soon to post. S2 made good progress too recently so update to follow soon too.

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Ooooooooh, sweet.

I'm well chuffed. Covered 30 miles this morning as a tester and really smooth.

That looks like a really good torque curve shape and impressive power figures. That isn't standard then, what is changed?

Yeah I was impressed too. That is completely standard running a 38dgas. If anything isn't standard then I've been fibbed to but I know the history of the car for nearly 20 years including the engine rebuild so if rebored or fancy cam then that news to me. I'm 100% certain tho that it's completely standard but it's only done 5k in those 20 years really. To me it proves that tuning is specialised and worth spending money on.
Honest guvner. In all seriousness I have no reason for porkies.


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