Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Following the publication of Dutton Torque I received the following message:
"I have owned a Canterra (Registration NOT999R) for some time now. The story with this car started back in 2006 when I tried to buy it, but the then owner backed out of the deal, making some claims on various websites that he did like it to go to the Netherlands. Much to my surprise it ended up some 3 months later with a kit car trader in the south of the Netherlands asking a hefty 3750 euro for it.

Then in 2014, it suddenly appeared for sale all the way up north in the Netherlands. I didn't take long to seal the deal.

The Canterra is patiently awaiting its restoration as I finish of my beach buggy which I have owned for over 34 years. I would be interested in finding out any history of NOT999R and would appreciate if a notice could be put up in the DT or on Ning. The picture attached is of NOT999R, taken by Jeroen Booij of the Maximum Mini books fame.

Many thanks in advance. Hans Sipkema"

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Dear Stephen, I still own the car. Restoration was planned to start earlier this year, but Covid-19 got in the way. Could you help me with some more details about the car when you purchased it?

Kind regards,

Hans Sipkema


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