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So the cars only been on the road for a few years now and i'm not particularly happy with the paint/body. When we originally started the re-build, the body was in a very bad state, absolutely covered in cracks required a huge amount of time getting it into a reasonable state. After this, the paint was then done with many spray cans, hoping to get a reasonable and inexpensive paint job. So considering this was the first major body work I've ever done its not too bad.

Never the less a lot of cracks have re-appeared, a section on the bonnet has bubbled up due to lack of heat reflective material against the exhaust manifold and there are lots of thin patches.

I plan to have a second attempt over the summer using a proper spray gun, hopefully getting it to a more professional standard so any advise on equipment and techniques will be very useful.

Cheers, Matt.

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i would have ground off a "lip" then put some sealer between the ally and steel... either the soft sticky  tape or some mastic.

That is looking good.

I like the idea of a roll bar that might be strong enough to really work. Where did that come from, or was it specially made? The tank looks a little larger than the original, I assume that you bought it. Is it foam filled? The reason that I ask is because I have wondered about a new tank myself, as part of an EFI upgrade.

Roll bar was specially made after lots of measuring by Tube Bender http://www.tube-bender.co.uk/ out of 2" 2mm thick tube. 185+vat delivered. not specially cheap perhaps but very accurately made.

It's designed to stand on the main chassis rails on this S3. Also provided was tube for the forward facing diagonals although those were made to fit on the trailing arm boxes that we have here. Could have been rear facing but that would have been more truckth with the rea bulhead and bodywork that we have

Interesting facet was that he didn't have a 300mm radius bending mandrel - which is why i went for the double bend in the diagram. However when made it actually looks like a 300mm single bend anyway. I guess that's because 2 165mm 45deg bends 150mm apart are pretty much the same thing

It was all welded together at home - as was the horizontal bar for the seat harnesses (3mm thick tube)

Also welded onto the chassis - less hassle than bolted on.....

Quilte pleased how it came out - esp considering this was all done by email. Very accurate and the clearance to the body sides is less than 1cm so that's just as well!


Yes that was the idea, it was always a bit worrying when we'd push the car by the old role bar and you could feel it move, definitely wouldn't hold if it was properly needed. The new role bar is completely solid which is tonnes better!

The new tank was made to fit sung between the chassis sides but also be narrow enough to get a decent sized boot in. We worked out it hold about 8.5 gallons which is enough for trips out, the longest usually being stoneleigh. No foam inside but it has two baffles.


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