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As i m a "stupid french" living in wrong side of th sea, as i m not authorized to see this eBay advert because the guy locked up "the foreigner" on eBay system , im loocking information about an auctionabout a light blue dutton actually  925 pounds!!


if someone know this car and can give me any information!! 

thanks a lot

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thanks a lot

do you know if this guy is on our site, here??

best regards


ok you can phone him :  from where is this guy? wich typ and make on the v5? also what is the first year of registration? buy it now price? ask him also if he can  delock the advert for the foreigner? also if you can copy the pictures iput on eBay as well

can you please make a "cut" and paste of the auction on eBay in your reply to me??

very very kind of you , i appreciate your help

thanks a lot

best regards

Thanks for all my friend!!

can you send him a message that i promised you toremove the lock for foreigner !!

still locked for the moment!!  when ended this auction please!!

best regards

The listing has 7 days 16 hours left. It ends at 16 Jan, 2015 12:22:55 GMT.

Yes but ll be over my budget at the end of auction i suppose!!  but i have an eye on  ;-)

I have sent him a message on ebay, as soon as I get an answer I will post it here. The advert is unusual because it has very little information, it only has the text that Wayne posted in his first reply.


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