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Hi all I have a S4 for sale. Started a re build some time ago but never finished it. Its had a full refurb. Engine is a 1700 crossflow 711 block newly refurbed all new bits stage 4, 244 kent cams, tin webber 40's. Needs building. Diff has all new bearings. All new suspension bushes etc. Anyone who might be interested please get in contact. Car is complete just not built.

Also have a spare engine 1660 crossflow 711 block, stage 4, twin webber 40's this has been rolling roaded with 3000 miles use.



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Hello, i m very interested can you please give me your phone number, pictures and location. Thanks a lot best regards

Hi thanks for getting in touch. Is it possible I can call you never now when I am going to be free, between home schooling and dealing with my everyday students. I am in Birmingham. The crossflow is a stage 3 1700, freshly refurbished. All new follower, 244 cam, should be good for 145bhp.

DO you have an email for pics

If you sen me your email I can send some pics

Hi Ian. There is a chap on the facebook group who is interested and not a member on here. Have you got any contact details I can pass on?

Thanks for getting in touch. I am unable to answer the phone currently so if he can email me that would be great. ian.skelcher@gmail.com

Hello, you have to accept me as friend to make privat message. Thanks


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