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Hi Guys

My fuel pump packed up on me last week so I decided to get an electronic one, can anyone out there help me with an idiots guide to the wiring needed please so I can get it running again asap.

Thanks in advance

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Which type of pump did you get and where did you get it from?

Is it just a 2 wire pump? red is live and black is earth. Many fuse the live side and also put a switch in line.

Its a Facet 40105

Make sure it only comes on with the ignition switch.

A nice extra safety idea is also to fit an inertia switch so that if the worst comes to the worst and you hit something, the shock will disconnect the power from the fuel pump. They are simple 2 wire things that are in plentiful supply on ebay. Just wire in series with the pump itself and mount it the right way up. I use a Ford one from a Focus

Internally I think it's a ball bearing held in place by a magnet. If the shock is big enough the ball falls off the magnet and presses a switch instead, disconnecting the circuit

Thanks for the help, its all a bit clearer now :-)

An even easier safety method is to use a relay in the pump wiring and connect the relay control input to the oil pressure light feed. That way, unless there is oil pressure the fuel pump won't run. Or to put it another way, if the engine stops, so does the pump!

They suggest that one on the sheet that comes with pump but I think I like the inertia switch idea better.


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