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I built my B+ many, many moons ago and love driving it, but there is one way of driving that I have never found a solution to......driving without doors. The idea is great and running through the village is fine, but get onto the open road and it is just impossible. Above 55 mph it just wants to suck off your sunglasses, cap and basically withdraw any chance of respiration. I have made some Lexon "winglets" to replace the doors, the sort of thing that you see on Cobras, but still driving at any sort of fun speed becomes deeply unpleasant. Has anybody found a solution to this? This 55 year old teenager wants to drive without doors 'cos it's cool and I can, but I want to be able to breathe at the same time!

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Lexan or fine mesh across the rollbar  apparently  stop it  check the Cobra club  

Thanks for the tip, I had a look at some cobras and the angle the deflectors run at is maybe 45 degrees to the direction of travel so have added this to the ones on my car - it's marginally better but not a lot. The rear deflectors I thought were to stop buffeting to the neck/rear of the head? I looked at a couple of threads on the cobra forum and this seems to be why they fitted them. Having said that there's no harm in trying a piece of ply cut to size and fitted it to the roll bar to see if it helps. The R&D continues!

yes..... drive with the doors on AND a pannel behind the drivers seat... between the roll bar (made from perspex) the car will still be very draughty but the tendancy to suck your hat off is very much reduced. makes the car more plasant to drive on longer trips.

i tried deflectors on the door sides window top and the top of the roll bar...... they didnt work but the filling of the space in the roll bar did.....

Perspex or Acrylic  will shatter Polycarbonate or Lexan will not


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