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hello duttoner's

looking for "lost" fastener pin closing the front bonnet of the old dutton's

searching the model looking like and coin with the line over it ,or screw  and under i situated the " jumping" spring, the one who make me unhappy because i lost it !!

so the screw part + the spring is needed!!!

hope my explanation was "clear" enough  ready to buy one or two even three of them or a waiting for a donation never no!!!!  at least ll pay the delivery!!

thnaks in advance

best regards


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I think he means Dzus fasteners.

Yes thanks that what speaking about!!!

but mine are with a spring behind and not the strange " music note" like the one link on ebay!!!

do you think they ll fit "the one of ebay"?

thanks for your help


prob get them cheaper then this though


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