Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

My new project

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The wiring is a bit of a mess so far I've taken the rotten wooden dash out and the plastic chairs and have unravelled most of the loom, plus points are it starts and runs with no smoke the brakes work, head lights and tail lights work it drives forward and backward and it was motd up untill February


Sounds like a good plan

Just had a look Daryl and this looks perfect for what I need, a good price too.

I have a Melos dashboard if you need one

I would be very interested in that Nick do you have a photo?

I’ll take some pictures tomorrow I have two so you can choose

Thanks Nick much appreciated

I like the top one no clocks in it, how much would you need for it?

£30 I can wrap it for you and you arrange a courier to collect 

Ok Nick no problem I am offshore at the moment I get home next Tuesday can I sort it all out then?

Yes no problem 


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