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Hi !

My melos has its windscreen frame broken and I have to replace it. Of course, it's difficult impossible to find a spare one in France but i may have found one in UK. The problem : the windscreen frame is for a phaeton, not a melos. 

My question : do you know if it will work ? Are they different ?

The width is 93 cm at the windscreen's bottom, where it 'meets' the body. Could somebody check on a Phaeton the measure ?

Thanks for all your help !


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You can get a near enough correct size alloy channel, and with care and know how can bend it to the right shape, or find a metal worker to do it. My B+ is 890mm. where it joins the scuttle and goes out to approx 910 at the ends.

The correct section Ali is used for boats to make window frames
Even thou he was on the south coast at various times Dutton used two company's in Norfolk that did windows for broads cruisers to supply window frames and the side window frames in the legerra

Thanks for your answers. So I will try with the phaeton's one as it is quite close to the melos' one.

I have already checked with a metal worker but he was unable to do exactly the same. The U channel was a bit too large (making difficult to find a rubber later) and the thickness (3 mm in aluminium) prevent him from bending the U in the final form. so, that's why i'm looking for a spare one :-) 

Thanks for your help,

As soon as my melos will be complete, I will post new photos


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