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Original or period-looking Duttons for a photoshoot

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a new project for a magazine and I need to find a selection of Duttons for a photoshoot – ideally one of each model (as many as we can find). But here's the rub: we want them to look as original as possible, whatever 'original' is in the world of Duttons! I think the best way to describe it is 'not modified too much from the way the factory cars looked'. 

Any recommendations/takers? Please drop me a line.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Paul.
It's great to hear that the Duttons are going to get some coverage. I would love to help but unfortunately I'm part way through fully restoring mine and as such is not in driving condition.
I hope some of the other members are able to help though.

Maybe try the Dutton Facebook Group, I don't use it personally but i hear it's relatively popular.

Thanks Toby, will do.

John Allen would be a good person to ask, he has a very tidy original looking v6 S1 Phaeton, he is a member on here. The facebook group is very active and he is also a member on there.


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