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It seems completely unnecessary and the mounting points stop the front from tipping up properly

I'm also interested in castor adjustment

So, has anyone done the removal of the Escort Mk 2 thing?

I can see you can get a thing called a compression strut for Escorts that replaces it and faces backwards - might not fit a phaeton chassis...

Otherwise it's custom lower wishbones I guess......

If anyone has done this I'd be most interested.....


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A bit of info about the previous broken top wishbone weld. Having strengthened joins between original wishbone and threaded adjusters welds with plug welds between the inner and outer tubes, it now looks like it's been touching the chassis on full bump - extra thickness of adjustable bit and a very low ride height. Likely this was exacerbated by removing the ARB and thus allowing more roll.

So we raised it up a bit and stiffenned the dampers too. Probably the clearance can be improved with a bit more angle grinding.

Anyway good drive out to Brands Hatch was then had on Sunday. No problems with the new wishbones and much improved 'feel' - Matt can elaborate.


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