Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Just had a nice chat with an Italian Dutton owner, his car is (i believe) a S3 with a 1.6 Xflow engine. he thinks he is the only Dutton owner in Italy. he is looking to improve his car, one of the things he wants is a Long hard top. the other may well be a manifold for a twin choke carb....plus carb.

I may have a manifold for him (carb is promised to an other member) but its from a 1300 GT and i think it may not be any good.

he will be looking to join this forum (i put him onto it) does anyone have a hard top they dont want?

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Thought the long hardtops were S1 S2 Dave ,don't think i've seen an S3 with one

not sure Daryl......i thought there were some recently for the S3 that were long......never looked too hard as i dont own one.

he said a hard top and if possible a long one.......so it may not matter.

The Picture he sent me..


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