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I'm looking to replace the seats in my car, can anyone suggest some seats that actually fit in an S3?

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Thanks guy's, the seats I have will do for now, thanks for the offer Martin but I'm thinking new when I do the interior refurb.

Graham I might have to pick everyones brain when it comes to doing the 5 link conversion but that is down the list a bit until finances allow.

I got a pair of Mini Cub seats from Midland Wheels at Stoneleigh a few years ago for £160. I am not overly impressed with them but they are narrow. I thought that they'd fit my Melos, which is the same interior as your S3 but I never tried them, so I could be wrong.

A couple of the Duttons that turned up at Stoneleigh this year had some good looking seats that were very narrow but I didn't get any good photos of them and nobody could remember the make - "I got them at a show" was the answer I got to my questions!

They might have been IntaTrim Odysseys. They look very much like the right thing. I tried sitting in one of the Meloses with them in because I am quite wide bodied (or fat as it used to be called) and I fitted fine. They are a bit more expensive (twice the price) but if they are the right thing then price isn't necessarily the decider.

James they look perfect and I think they will fit, the picture on the website even has yellow trim :-)


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