Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Planning is well underway for the 3rd Lakes Tour, 2 days of amazing country roads, high mountain Passes, pots of tea and scones and even a pork pies for Steve H.

The route is planned, just awaiting approval by TND's, still need to find shops for the Ladies. It would be good to see some of you in the Cumbria, if not for the whole tour, come and do one of the route with us. Go on you know you want to.



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The route is planned and approved, 280 miles of stunning road, exciting, sometimes scarey driving ( all within the National speed limits I may add). The Hotel is booked, we've just over 4 months to sort the cars, Oh! and Steve K still needs to finish his Phaeton, we may have to rally the troops.

You've seen the video's and read the blogs, now be part of the action. Does that sound like a trailer for a good time?

So are you not coming with the Sun Daryl? We do Birthday's Steve, Myself, Karen and Sue are all April birthday. Need I add we have cake!!!

Daryl, are you planning to walk there? 128 miles for us, so you can stop for an extra brew, we'll wait for you we're there for 3 days. Or are you scared of a bit of rain.

Yep, we bottle it up here, call it Buxton spring and sell it in London for £7.00 a bottle. Liquid sunshine Hmmmm!


Cracked it, Birthday cake all round, forget Malvern we'll come to see you.

See you there, get the kettle on Steve and Mrs Kerswells, Steve H is also parcial to a a small pork pie.

Is that a southern working day 18 on 8 off 26 hours?


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