Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Well I can't spout on about using the site and not post myself.

May 2019, we set off to meet up with the rest of the Northern Duttoneers and within a mile from home the oil pressure light came on and both oil pressure gauges dropped to zero.

Luckily only about a mile from home but the round trip home with no oil pressure by the time I got back home the bottom end of the engine was rumbling. So parked her up and jumped into my daily driver to continue our weekend away with the Duttoneers on our annual country road Bash into North Yorkshire and Scarborough.

That was Friday night, by Sunday night I had bought a new rag top Roadster and fall out of love with Daisy Dutton.

Welcome to My Toyota MR2 Roadster

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 Shame on you Mr Taylor , I suppose you and Old Southgate are now doing Hairdresser course's NOW  

Doors, heater, radio, leakproof hood, comfy, electric windows, need I go on...

Daisy will rise again 


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