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Morning all went to start the 1300 xflow last night and wouldn't start. It hasn't been started for about 3 weeks and there's been a bit of moisture in garage due to frost and bonnet being off the car. Wondering if any of you have some wonder tips to try get it started again. When it turns I get a puff of smoke out the air filter on twin choke and if crank a few more times I get a little bit of a backfire of sorts.

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did it run OK before? If it did, it's probably damp and cold. Plugs out and clean, leads and dizzie cap off and dried, hairdryer is good for this. Ready start from your local factors. If you can, charge up the battery. Wd40 is good for doing what it says, driving out damp on coil connections. If it's trying its not far away. They are simple engines and take a lot of abuse, wrong settings etc before they die :-))

Ok thanks Steve I'll give it a go when I get home :)


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