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Looking for a twin choke inlet manifold for a Pinto, had one, lost it.

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how can you lose something that big...?

In Mr  Kerswell's  cave bruddy easy!!!!!

The same way I now have two crossflow ones, but ain't got a crossflow no more, these things happen, I also just found while searching a brand new alternator and a crossflow distributor, now where did they come from ?

mmm i have wierd stuff happen in my shed....i was tripping over a old scissor jack for months. bought melos needed a jack. cant find the fu**er anyware... shed gremlins.

Down here Brian we call it dementia 

Dementia?? I'll have you know I've got all my own teeth :-))

ye could be that daryl. teeth na iv lost loads now.....still got my gold ones though....glint.

Well we all know you've lost yours Martin


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