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Well that's that then

Wednesday 11th near midnight, my Grandad past away after going into hospital for stomach pains a few days prior. My family has set about getting the funeral arranged and looking at clearing the house to put it on the market. It's a big place with a lot of "treasures" (as my Grandad called them) from charity shops, but also quite a lot of important family related docs/pics/items so will actually take quite a while to fully sort through. This gives me a little time to make arrangements for the…


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Race against time

For quite a while now I've been battling with my rear suspension and replacing the rear shocks (as well as holidays etc). I originally just wanted to replace what was required to test drive it to decide if I liked the car. If I did then the plan was to upgrade it to a 5 link system as many have suggested. (Keep this in mind for a sec).

However, cutting straight to the point; my Grandad has been diagnosed with terminal cancer in multiple places including the liver. The doctors don't…


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Look ma, I'm famous!

So I wrote a letter into complete kit car magazine and got the letter of the month.

Gave a shout out to you guys too for being awesome.

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Wow I haven't done an update in a long time :/

Cliff notes

- New fuel tank ordered...issues encountered.

- Master cylinders refurbished, honed and now with new seals. Refitted.

- Pedals cleaned up.

- Brake calipers fully refurbished with all new parts including a repaint.

- Brakes refitted and bled...then one seized, assumed it only minor so temporarily ignored.

- Clutch slave cylinder refurbished, honed and now with new seals.…


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Engine servicing progress

So for the past couple of weeks I've been gearing up to fully service the engine.

- Radiator removed and checked, seems in good condition with no leaks...until I tried to force the drain plug which split the solder and created a leak. Currently getting that fixed.

- New water pump fitted along with a new belt.

- Oil drained out and then spilt on the gravel driveway...genius. Sump plug came out okay which was a result as reading the Vitesse forums a lot of people have…


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