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4 day's To go Coast 2 Coast The Northern Duttoneer's are nearly ready.

Yes it's just 4 day's to the next Northern Duttoneer's adventure. Why not come and meet us on the way, we leave Bolton on Saturday morning, the plan is to visit the Lake Motor Museum at Newby Brige on the way to our first nights stop over. Then from St Bee's Head to Hartside Cafe for Bunch, on to Richmond for lunch and on to Robin Hood's Bay for teatime, Notice the pattern forming here, The Northern Duttoneer's never stop eating and drinking tea.

You can follow the Blog of our progress here on the site, or on Twitter @Duttondave.

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Comment by Dave Taylor on September 3, 2010 at 0:24
The phaeton's had a run tonight, Alternator works well, in fact better than the old one, must be bigger amps.
So a wash and polish tomorrow, and we're ready. The Northern Duttoneer's "On Tour" polo shirt is ironed, the route is planned, and the weather looks promising.
Comment by The Northern Duttoneer's on September 3, 2010 at 0:15
Ok I know the titles wrong now, it's 2 day's to the off, we have just finalised the route, excellent job done by Martin, would put THE AA and Google maps to shame.
Not only that but a fine Chilli as well, Thanks Karen and Martin.
Comment by Dave Taylor on September 1, 2010 at 21:44
You can't believe it, I thought I'll just give the Phaeton the once over before to Coast to Coast, and noticed that the black cover on the alternator was shaking about. Also there was acid on the top of the battery, Strange!!!
Then found the small wire from the alternator loose, the connector had come off, explains why the ignition light didn't come on.
New tab on and connected back on the alternator, the acid on top of the battery was also explained when I started her up. The alternator rectifier must have packed in, as the volt meter showed the battery getting over 16 volts. Not good!
So found the spare alternator off our James' Sierra, and replaced it on mine. Problem solved.
I love Duttoneering...

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