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Well here we are again another year passed by 2017 just a couple of days away.
My Phaeton has a new home (no I haven't sold Daisy) I built a garage and workshop to keep her out of the Cumbrian weather, 13 years since rebuilding my Phaeton, this is the first time she has been under cover. In fact it's 20 year since I had somewhere warm a dry to work in, with everything to hand.

Steve H has sold his Phaeton S1, and he is now looking for something new (The word Morgan as been mentioned).

Steve K still trying to get the Legerra back on the road, but he is awaiting new knee suspension for himself.

Adrian, well he just keeps collecting, 9 Duttons at last count I think.

Len still building His S2 will be a fine looking motor when done.

Not forgetting Martin H, and the Westfield, last year saw suspension rebuild and engine management system set up installed, which now means he takes a laptop with him on a run out.

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Comment by James Doulton on December 30, 2016 at 21:30

I think you can get TunerStudio on Android, so he could probably use a cheap tablet instead of risking his laptop. Just a thought. Some people have an android tablet built into their dash to give them engine info while they are driving. I think that they use a Bluetooth connection with a converter to the serial connection on the ECU.

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