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My Uncle Bill who is now 96 and fought in the battle of the bulge in WWII and still goes out deer hunting visited his first grandson today. He taught me how to hunt and rode me on the back of his Vespa motor scooter when I was a child. I have had motorcycles most of my adult life because of him and have followed history of WWII very closely because of the stories he told me of his battles WWII. He is still my hero. You folks across the pond should still be proud of him.

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Comment by Jim (across the pond) Adamek on February 19, 2017 at 0:59

Yes James, That is his new born Grandson he just got. We do call those suspenders. Here is a picture of him out deer hunting last month. lol, The night before the battle of the bulge began he got drunk on French wine and was hung over in the morning when the battle began. He has never drank any alcohol since that happened. :-)

Comment by James Doulton on February 19, 2017 at 0:09

He has good taste in clothes too - I have a couple of shirts like that and I wear braces (suspenders in US?) most days. Is that his great grandson?

He is doing very well to be so active at 96. The Battle of the bulge was a desperate battle, a surprise attack, and the Americans did very well to defend against it. A hero indeed.

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