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Project Hunk of Junk - Essex Advice Required

I am due to collect another Essex V6 block in a couple of weeks and then while building up a decent engine, I plan to use the old worn block to figure out how to work out some engine mountings for my Phaeton S2.  Does anyone have any photos of an Essex in a Phaeton?  Ideally in a S2 and showing the mountings.  Noticed the build manual (PDF from the DOC web site) suggests using Transit 2.0 mounts on Ford V6 engines.  I assume this would be the V4 transit not the pinto.  I found some V4 Transit mounts for sale but they were silly money.  I have some Capri Essex mounts ans also some Scimitar mounts, which would be the best to use?.  Advice and photos would be most welcome.


On another note I have just got hold of a Scimitar overdrive gearbox.  Anybody know how to wire up the overdrive?

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