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Talking of barn finds, I have just found one on my drive. For the first time since November, I took a look at Daisy Dutton.

There were spiders, rust, oxidised alli and dried on horse muck from the last time out, which when I think back was the Coast to Coast in September.

I was shocked when I opened the bonnet, very sad. That's what a winter does without a garage or without a cover.

I had to do the usual jump start from the RAV4, and even that struggled, when it did fire into life it ran out of petrol. Not a good idea to leave the fuel cap loose, what was in evaporated. So to the shed for the jerry can and the famous petrol diesel mix from last summer. After making a syphon bottle I managed a gallon of settle petrol. The old girl burst into life, and sounds fine if a little smokey from the special brew hybrid fuel.

After cleaning the spider's, polishing the Alli and a wash, I couldn't resist distrubing the neighbour queit Sunday afternoon, with a blast around the block, and there it was the biggest Dutton Smile of 2011 so far. Wales you don't know what's coming, but I can tell you it going to be loud...

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