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The Northern Duttoneers North Yorkshire Spring tour

Saturday morning and the sun is shining making a change up North. We met up at the Black Dog Pub in Belmont just north of Bolton for our first tour of the year. 
Disappointment was on a couple of faces, Ade and Steve Kerry had not met the deadline. Although much midnight oil and elbow grease was used to try and get the Phaeton and Legerra ready it wasn’t to be. 
Ade had the radiator blow on the Leggy on Friday night whilst travelling home from work, and with not enough hours left in the day, He and Sue decided the Mondeo was the safe bet (Passed the support car stickers). 
Steve Kerry nearly made it, but on Friday night we could not get the engine to run right, again we ran out of hours. Plus Steve had to work that night so he decided that he and Kath would meet us at the stopover hotel in Middleham. 

With Steve and Pat, Me and Marian, Martin and Karen along with Ade and Sue we were ready to go by 9:30. 
The route took us across Belmont Moor on to Samlesbury and the on to Longridge via Ribchester. 
Sue had planned this route so like all tours and runs out breakfast is never far away. This morning it was to be at The Station Café in Longridge, as the name suggests it was located in the old Station buildings. A very good well cooked breakfast and reasonable prices. 

The next leg took us over Longridge and Beacon Fell towards Slaidburn and onto Ingleton time for a brew and a piece of cake. The car park is in the old Station (bit of a theme starting me thinks). Refreshed we’re off passed White Scar caves, Ribblehead Viaduct over Widdale onto Buttertubs. 
Buttertubs is a brilliant climbing road with a summit at 526 Mtrs with great views in all directions. Down through Muker following the river towards Gunnerside, Reeth and Richmond for our next stop and fuel fill up, this must be the furthest Martin’s Westie has gone on a tank of fuel (sorry Martin). 
After a walk about to stretch our legs, oh! Visit the shops, Duttonette heaven. 

Whilst in Richmond we had a passenger swap round, Marian had an operation on her shoulder two days before the trip and was showing signs of pain, so she jumped into the Mondeo with Sue and for the first time Ade takes the passenger seat in my Phaeton. The next 10 miles were done with pace note – over crest into 45 right opening, into 90 left over yump into fast right. Keep calling them out Ade, arrived over night pit stop, The White Swan in Middleham. 

Time for a pint. 

The White Swan was right in the town centre, with the cars parked up on the market Square, we checked in. A phone call from Steve Kerry while we were in Richmond told us they where just leaving Skipton and would be at the White Swan at the same time we got there, but Steve didn’t plan getting lost on the way. With directions from the barmaid, and then tracking him on the map and talking them in, Steve and Kath arrived. 

Very oldie world and comfy, wish I could say that about the Bed it was like a board. 
The Landlord had arranged a private room for us in the restaurant which was very nice with good service and food, slight hiccup with Marian’s fish cake being still frozen in the middle. This was changed quickly with lots of apologies from the staff. 
As usual when we are all together a good evening was had, beer, wine and cider flowed. 

This years Tour Trophy went to Adrian for “Best effort in trying to get his car ready” after dinner we retired to the bar for the TND tour Quiz which we allowed the girls to win again, it keeps them happy. 
Tomorrow we start the day just up the road at “The Forbidden Corner” see the link http://www.theforbiddencorner.co.uk/ 

Day 2 
Our visit to The Forbidden Corner was a surprise, we were expecting gardens and a folly, which is what we got, but with fantasy, fun, and humour. If you are ever in the area this is well worth a visit, kids will love it. Well done Sue it was a great morning. 
While we were there the rain started, and did it rain. 
Ade and Sue had decided to make their way home from here, as Ade needed to get the Legerra sorted for the morning so he could get to work, we said our good bye’s and got ready to leave, after a look at the weather front coming in from the direction we were about go it was agreed that we would cut out Ripon and Harrogate and just make our way to Skipton for lunch. 

So back to Leyburn following the Hawes road for a few miles, turning left towards Kettlewell and on to Skipton. The rain was intense it was raining in under the roof, even dripping on my ankle from somewhere under the dash. To top it all my drivers side wiper rubber starts to split, it’s now clearing the top 3” of the screen, such fun plus crawling along at about 30mph, there’s so much standing water, it’s not safe pushing on hard in this weather. 
We arrive in Skipton and park up on the Castle car park. It’s finally stopped raining, we get parked then Steve Kerry tells me that I have no brake lights, could be a fuse as both sides and the high level one are out. Lunch calls so I’ll sort it when I get back. 
Fish and chips are the order of the day. Bizzies fish and chip restaurant was next to the car park. Pots of tea all round fish and chips to follow. 
Back to the cars and sort my brake lights, as Marian gets in and settle she stops a wire dangling under the dash, I must have caught the wire on the brake light switch trying to keep my foot dry, quick plug back on, Oh yes I have brake lights. Well stopped Marian. 
As we leave the car park myself and Steve Kerry get split up from Steve H and Martin, we head for Burnley and home, the rain has stopped finally. 
Another great tour, a well planned route again well done Sue, and thanks for all the sorting everything. 

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