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So last thursday week I won an auction for a set of wheels and tyres for £23... ridiculously cheap for what they are. I messaged the seller asking if he wanted cash or paypal hoping to collect on my way back from Kent on the saturday / sunday. I did not get a response from the seller. I got back here and paid by paypal to make sure the item was secured and he couldn't welch on the deal. That was sunday.

During the course of this week I have sent numerous messages, offered to collect today or tomorrow, offered to collect by courier, sent him text messages and finally tried to phone him only to get cut off by either a dodgy signal his end or by the seller himself. I want the items I purchased, I don't want to get a refund. 

I checked his previous listings and found the same photo selling the same item completed on the 15th of sept but no feedback as to why they were never collected. Now I'm becoming a little suspicious and more than a little irked with the lack of communication. I haven't attempted to phone him again and before I do thought i'd impart this sorry tale to you guys. Obviously the price isn't what the guy was hoping for and he may be ignoring me hoping I will just 'go away' and get my money back from paypal. 

Anyone got any nice ideas for payback for pissing me about?

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Its flexible, I have 13, 14 and 15 inch rims from 5.5 - 8 inch widths current rims are 14" x 6.5 but they are fine for normal use so can stay. I was aiming for the 15 x 8 rims with those BFG's as the pirelli's are showing age related cracks and can be replaced. (they did come from a mk1 supra 1986 vintage rubber)

Ade. The best get ur own back in this situation depending on u having "unlimited texts" is go on line on phone and find war and peace. Copy and paste into text box then hit send. It will take him weeks to clear his fone. Hahahaha

Nice.. I don't have unlimited texts however I do have about 300... maybe copy and paste ebays selling rules and send them instead.

Wait what? :-)

i  am online with ebay customer support at the moment... muahahaha

Open a dispute - that should prevent the seller re-listing as to do so would be fraud. then if its not resolved in your favour post negative feedback. Lots of people seem to be doing tis now which is why don't bother with anything that isn't BIN.

Good luck

Dispute opened.

Lady from ebay was most helpful and actually did it for me. I don't hold out much hope of getting the resolution I required which was simply a time and date for the items to be collected.

I like playing the auction game sometimes especially on things I dont actually need but if they come at the right price would be useful to have. These wheels are the perfect example. I can also understand that the closing price may have been substantially lower than the seller had hoped. Maybe he should have set a reserve. 

I've done a few bits on ebay and only ever had one case opened against me. That froze my paypal and my ebay accounts. Ebay agreed that the buyer was taking the proverbial and had contravened the terms of the sale, dropped the case and as a goodwill gesture I sent the part that was allegedly broken by first class recorded the next day. Everybody happy.

This bloke won't even answer me.... 


Ebay opened a dispute on my behalf a week ago. As the seller has still not answered one of my messages ebay have now taken over however I did get a chance to express my desire to receive the item not a refund. We'll now see what ebay make of his lack of communication.

I feel like an arse for doing this as I know what issues it can cause but I really think that if you want a certain price for an item you put up for auction then you should set a reserve price and pay the damn fees...

Nothing arsey about it mate!  Stick to your guns, Ebay is a good market concept if the rules are stuck to. If Ebay are allowed to just let these disputes go with out enforcement, then the whole concept starts to degenerate.  

I was quite surprised and somewhat dismayed to find a message from Ebay timed less than ten minutes after I passed them the case for resolution saying 'Great news... we've given you a refund' 


Needless to say I am more than a little annoyed. I may be spending some time on the phone to ebay this evening venting my displeasure in a most polite fashion.

Unfortunately now the case is closed there is nothing they can do about it. Refund has been made, game over.

Needless to say I have left negative feedback however that doesn't get me my tyres.  

I will be watching closely to see if he re lists and I will snipe them again if I can, just to be an arse.

I know his full name and post code, mobile number etc 

I pointed out that eBay were just as much at fault as the seller as they have let him get away with a blatant breach of their selling agreements but it was just pointless. 

Unfortunatly thats been my experience of ebay also, i had exactly the same experience  myself a few years back with a set of main bearings, i won the bid, fair and square, the sender took my money never sent them, and ebay did nothing, except give me back what i had paid, i then had to go elsewhere at a varstly greater price  


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